Up and Coming Denver Neighborhoods

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Today, Denver Commercial Construction shares five, up and coming Denver neighborhoods that developers should consider when selecting a location for new projects. Currently, the Denver metropolitan area is undergoing an intense period of growth. With a sharp increase in population, the city is being forced to expand and adapt to the demands of its new residents. This means more housing, more retail areas, and more services are needed on the current perimeters of the metropolitan area.

Younger people who are looking for affordable accommodation are venturing out from the established residential zones and finding alternative options. Previously ignored areas are being quickly swept up by savvy buyers and developed to meet the increased demand for housing. These up and coming neighborhoods will be connected to the more central areas of Denver by the bus and light rail system which is currently under expansion as part of the Regional Transportation District development.

Denver is a city that still has huge potential to expand. Unlike other urban areas, it has not yet reached its peak level of productivity. As the local economy grows and more residents are drawn to peripheral neighborhoods, there is a tremendous opportunity for the providers of retail and restaurant services to get building and fill the demands created. Early adopters of cultural movements will do particularly well in these newly developed housing areas, as there will be a primarily young demographic.

If you are interested in being amongst the first on the block in up and coming Denver neighborhoods, then keep reading. We can recommend the following locations for areas that will very soon be in need of restaurants, childcare facilities, retail areas, gyms, and lifestyle services.

Villa Park

Villa Park offers the perfect compromise for nature lovers working in the city. With Sloan’s Lake and Dry Gulch Park to the north of the neighborhood, there is plenty of opportunity for biking, hiking, and outdoor activities. Commuters have easy access to 6th Avenue on the south side of Villa Park for quick access to downtown Denver, and there are three light rail stations located in the neighborhood. This area already has plenty of affordable housing available and ready to be scooped up, but its commercial development is still in the early stages. This area needs more restaurants, retail development, laundry services and convenience stores.


Arvada is technically a city in its own right, but with its easy access to downtown Denver and its suburban feel, it is a popular area for commuters with young families. The Olde Town offers historic architecture and attractions, including restaurants/breweries and recreation opportunities around the lakes. With the arrival of the G Line commuter rail later in 2017, Arvada will be even more attractive to city workers looking for affordable prices on homes. The housing styles found in Arvada include 1980s split-levels and mid-century ranch style homes.


Another one of the great up and coming Denver neighborhoods is Mayfair, located in the larger area of Montclair. This area is set to undergo a major overhaul and increase in popularity in the coming year. The old University of Colorado Health Sciences Campus is being redeveloped into a modern retail and lifestyle center. New plazas, hotels, shopping areas, offices, and parks will give new life to the neighborhood of Mayfair by the end of 2018. The prices of housing in the area, including historic single-family homes, condominiums, and mid-century ranch-style homes are set to rise soon. Smart entrepreneurs will take the opportunity to get on board with this renovation and make their business part of it.


Cole is conveniently located right next to the River North Arts District (RiNo), one of Denver’s trendiest and most expensive areas. Due to the rapid development and surge in popularity of RiNo, prices of accommodations there are now out of the reach of most interested buyers. Cole, on the other hand, boasts a range of affordable housing options including row houses or attached single family homes.

Additionally, the nearby Denver Coliseum and National Western Complex has recently been approved for a massive overhaul. It will be replaced by a major events center, expected to draw even more business to the area. Multi-family builders and other real estate developers are quickly moving in on this profitable expanding neighborhood.


Sunnyside is a charming historic area of Denver with some commercial development already in place. Developers should keep an eye on it however in the months to come, as the residential area is set to expand on its east side. The G Line light rail extension is set to run through Fox Street Station, allowing commuters easy access from the area. Good zoning and affordable prices on modern townhouses make Sunnyside a very attractive alternative to the more expensive nearby neighborhoods of Highlands and Berkely. More retail areas and commercial development will be needed as East Sunnyside grows.

Making sure your business is a success takes more than offering a great product or service. You need to know your target market and how to reach them. Whether you want to open a restaurant, gym, salon, retail store or other commercial venture, your choice of location is one of the biggest deciding factors in your level of success. Research these up and coming neighborhoods and their projected needs. Find a gap in the market that your business can fill and secure the property before prices shoot up.

Once you decided on a location, contact Denver Commercial Construction and get your project moving. We offer superior quality construction services for all types of restaurants, retail stores, offices and multi-family properties. We take your project from conception to completion with rigorous quality control and attention to aesthetics at every step of the process. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction business, our team can deliver the results you want for the price you need.

We understand how important it is to have a trustworthy contractor running your project. Our team takes pride in ensuring that scheduling and pricing are always clearly communicated to our customers and honored. If you are interested in undertaking a new project in up and coming Denver neighborhoods, do not hesitate to contact Denver Commercial Construction for assistance.