Understanding Commercial Pre-Construction Denver Commercial Construction DenverUnderstanding commercial pre-construction services is vital when planning a new retail store or restaurant. Denver Commercial Construction has been providing outstanding services to clients across Denver and the Front Range of Colorado since the 1990s. From ground-up construction to interior finishing, we give exceptional attention to detail in everything we do. In particular, our preconstruction services are extremely effective in adding value to commercial developments.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of pre-construction services, keep reading to find out what they are, who they involve, and why they are so valuable.

What Are Commercial Pre-Construction Services?

To help you with understanding commercial pre-construction services, let’s define it first. When planning a new commercial construction project, it is necessary first to hire an architect to design your retail store or restaurant according to your specifications. A contractor is then chosen and the project is handed over for construction. This exchange often leaves room for misunderstandings, unforeseen complications, and inefficiencies. Pre-construction services by your commercial construction professional take place before the ground is broken to ensure the smooth sailing of the entire project.

These services can include everything from the estimation of costs and labor requirements to material sourcing and overall project planning. Depending on the type of development, it may be useful to carry out a  site evaluation, involving topographical surveys, soil evaluation, and weather modeling. Employing pre-construction services means you have an experienced professional handling the coding, local building permits, and constructability reviews. Other services include the determination of utilities, scheduling the sequence of events and logistics of the build site. Multi-family residential to retail, this process is vital to the project’s success.

When Are Pre-Construction Services Employed?

Deciding on how early to integrate pre-construction services is easy. The earlier your pre-construction manager is brought on board, the better. Ideally, they can work with the architect in the initial planning stages to be able to give immediate projections on the plans so that they can be adjusted on request by the client. Employing pre-construction services from the conceptual stage means that you won’t have to pay for a redesign later on.

Part understanding commercial pre-construction services is knowing that adding it to your project does not extend the timeline, as these services are carried out parallel to the usual design and construction and offer constant feedback, which actually reduces delays and results in higher efficiency. If you’re opening a restaurant in Denver’s competitive market, that means you’ll be able to get up and running without delays that could turn off potential customers.

Who Is Involved In Pre-Construction Services?

The pre-construction manager acts as a coordinator and facilitator between a number of people. Part of their job is to ensure that the client has an open and clear communication line with the architects, engineers, landscapers and construction team involved in the project and that each of these players is cooperating and working towards the same vision and goal. Other people potentially involved in pre-construction services are local code officials, community leaders, representatives from the EPA or other government organizations, special interest groups, board members and a property manager if the project is located within an existing retail park or mall. Done right, pre-construction services will align the expectations and build trust between all of these different interests.

Why Are Pre-Construction Services Beneficial?

Pre-construction services, especially for commercial building projects offer the client a much higher degree of control over the outcome of their project than they would have when working with a typical contractor. The project is much more likely to stay on budget and be completed within its schedule. With pre-construction services implemented, the client is given the opportunity to make decisions at impactful moments on issues they would otherwise be completely unaware of. These decisions can have a direct effect on the appearance, functionality and maintenance needs of their retail store or other commercial building.

Resources and time are used efficiently, and unexpected problems are avoided when the energy is put into planning a construction project properly. Imagine how much time and money can be saved when all the electrical and plumbing inefficiencies are eliminated before they are even built. Pre-construction also have a long-lasting positive effect when it comes to your overall operating costs, adaptability in function, eco-rating (a major factor in Denver multi-family residential builds), and design of your completed project. Your business can benefit from decisions made in the pre-construction stage for years to come.

Understanding commercial pre-construction services means you’ll leave nothing up to chance. The delivery of materials and scheduling of labor will be done so that there is no time wasted in waiting around, and no chance for valuable materials getting damaged or stolen. Delays and redesign are minimized, and the client can avoid dealing with unexpected situations and costs. There is no last minute rush to get a permit when everything has been planned out and prepared from the very start. Each member of the team will be provided with realistic information in a respectful and timely fashion to ensure a collaborative team environment is created.

Commercial pre-construction services huge value to the overall build. From the peace of mind of knowing that your project is on schedule for its advertised grand opening, to the money saved on materials and labor, there are too many benefits to list. Having a qualified professional manage the technical logistics, budgeting, and scheduling takes a huge weight off the shoulders of retail developers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Just ask one of our clients!

Understanding commercial pre-construction services is the key to potentially saving a lot of time and money on your next project. At Denver Commercial Construction, we are proud to offer these services in tandem with our commercial construction services. We specialize in creating unique restaurants, retail stores, auto shops and multi-family residential builds. We work with our clients from conception to completion to ensure that everything is aligned for their vision to become a reality. Give us a call to learn more.