Top 3 Retail Design and Build Trends for 2018At Denver Commercial Construction, we know how important retail design can be when turning your new location into a success.

Today, we’ve put together a quick list of the top 5 retail design and build trends for 2018.

Finding the right look and feel can make all the difference in how your customers interact with your store. The right physical design can make your customer more likely to enter your store, spend time

exploring and make a purchase.

Maximize the appeal of your retail space with a few quick modifications.

Earthy & Eco-Friendly

Bringing natural materials into your retail space can significantly impact the mood of your customers.

Wood and stone bring visitors back to nature with their great visual appeal and textures. Live plants add texture and warmth. Salvaged and upcycled fixtures or displays speak volumes about your brand.

This technique is particularly effective in creating a relaxing atmosphere where customers will feel at ease, stay longer an potentially spend more.

Scandinavian & Mid Century

When it comes to retail design and build trends, we recommend taking inspiration from one of the hottest interior design trends for residential homes.

Both Scandinavian and Mid Century brilliantly unite form with function, feature natural woods and keep things streamlined.

Displays and furniture in your retail space should be ergonomic and unfussy. Stick to simple and consistent models with visual appeal. While more and more retailers (and homeowners) have been catching on to this style recently, it is not a fad that will be going out of fashion anytime soon.

The Mixed-Use Hangout

Build a retail space that’s comfortable and welcoming so that your clients will stick around for longer, hence will be more inclined to make a purchase.

Some comfy seating areas, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets to charge phones are great add-ons for customers and even those bored spouses who need a respite from the shopping madness.

If possible, consider building out a small cafe with coffee and snacks. You could even sublease an area of your retail space to a food service partner looking for a new and interesting location to set up.

Don’t Forget Digital Customers…

Many shoppers opt for making their purchases online these days. To keep your physical retail space fun and relevant, consider implementing some of the aspects of a digital store.

Modern displays that incorporate screens can be one way to do this. Allow people to browse stock and search for options.

If you offer online buying, make your brick and mortar location an option for customer pickups by building a dedicated area for these buyers. Getting them in your door where they can experience your brand and find even more products is a great way to capture even more sales.

Whatever the focus of your store, these 3 retail design and build trends for 2018 can be incredibly effective.

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