Restaurant Construction and Design Ideas Denver Commercial Construction DenverWith new restaurants constantly launching in the metro area, Denver Commercial Construction knows how important restaurant construction and design ideas can be to your success. When customers walk into your establishment, they’re looking for something unique and inviting. You need to stand out and make the right first impression. In this competitive market, it’s not only about serving stellar food and unique cocktails, it’s about creating the right vibe.

Today, the team at Denver Commercial Construction will help you get started on thinking about restaurant construction and design ideas. And once you’re ready to move forward, you can trust our crew to build out the space according to your unique vision. Whether you’re building new or renovating your restaurant, our experienced professionals will ensure an on-time and on-budget build that will help accelerate your goals.

If you’re short on inspiration, take a look at a few popular trends that we’ve been seeing in the restaurant world. While by no means is this list complete, it may give you a jumpstart in creating your own unique restaurant design.

Bright and Light

Open, airy restaurants with plenty of natural sunlight can create a very comfortable environment for your patrons to enjoy, eat and drink! Inspired by the sand, surf, and sun of California, bright and light restaurant builds create an inviting, relaxing ambiance. This can include light-colored or white walls, brick elements, planters, natural lighting sources including skylights and more.

Tropics Galore

A riff on the light and airy approach is going tropical. Leaf prints, textures and art are popular right now and help to create an iconic backdrop for photogenic diners. Tasteful pops of color in the form of tropical birds and flowers can also warm up any space, especially on winter days. We can incorporate these elements into your restaurant construction if you’re feeling the tropics.

Midcentury Modern

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know that the Midcentury vibe is huge right now. Keeping the period in mind, a restaurant can be constructed using light-colored woods, clean lines, gilded accent pieces, retro lighting, and toned-down color schemes to bring about the identical feel of this enduring design style. If you’re considering Midcentury for your new restaurant build, Denver Commercial Construction can bring all of your design ideas to life.

Think Pink

And then there’s pink. Believe it or not, pink is incredibly trendy right now. This mostly includes light pastel and muted pinks. So, if it’s a funky idea you’ve been toying with, don’t be shy. Get noticed and be remembered with this unique choice for dining in Colorado. Our team can help you consider the options and provide restaurant construction that you’ll love and your patrons will enjoy using as the background for their social media photos.

Whether your restaurant construction and design ideas include lush palms, a dose of pink or a dozen Sputnik inspired chandeliers, you can count on Denver Commercial Construction to help make it happen. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure quality results that fit your timeline and budget. Call today or contact us online to get started right away.