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The co-housing movement first began in Denmark during the 1960s and incorporated multiple, independent housing units with shared spaces and facilities.These days, multi-family buildings are structured as condominiums, apartments, or townhouses. Here in Denver, they are experiencing massive growth thanks to the demands of a population influx, including Millennials who tend to opt for co-housing over single-family dwellings.

Using space efficiently, cutting environmental impact, and creating a sense of community are priorities for many of today’s young families. With the right planning and design ideas for multi-family buildings, each household has an ideal balance of privacy, connectivity, and convenience.

The following design trends are sure to appeal to Denver’s next generation of homeowners.

Create Connectivity

With the advances in technology allowing more people to shop online, work remotely, and communicate over the internet, actual face to face social interaction is dwindling. Design ideas for multi-family buildings that focus on the human connection will undoubtedly increase their appeal. This can be in the form of a lobby or common area that residents must pass through when exiting or entering their homes. A focal point, like a garden or outdoor space, equipped with a safe play area for children, comfortable seating and barbeque area are also good options.

Shared on-site facilities such as gyms, laundry services, childcare or shared office areas are excellent for encouraging neighbors to socialize and create a better sense of community. Keeping parking areas to the perimeter of the housing complex will create a safe, no-driving zone around the housing units and shared spaces. Design ideas for multi-family buildings can also encourage residents to interact without taking away their option for complete privacy.

Convenience and Flexibility

When creating the perfect shared spaces for multi-family construction, it is essential to consider all the needs of the residents, as well as their range of ages, backgrounds, and tastes.

Common areas can be used for entertaining, relaxing, working and socializing. Their structural layout should accommodate these different activities, and the interior design should be relatively neutral, to appeal to as broad a range of people as possible. With both the Millennial generation and Baby Boomers showing a preference for these type of living arrangements, it is important to provide facilities for different age groups, family structures, religions and cultural backgrounds.


When creating a multi-functional space for use by a number of residents, it is necessary to think in terms of durability. Floor materials, furnishings, and appliances are going to undergo more intense wear and tear than those of a typical family kitchen or living room. The idea is to incorporate hardwearing materials that will stand the test of time without sacrificing the homely feeling we want to create. Prioritizing sturdy furniture and textiles that are practical and easy to clean will create a functional space that can be used by all.

One of the most well-received design ideas for multi-family buildings is a shared kitchen that can be used for entertaining, events, teaching and social mealtimes. When choosing kitchen countertops, engineered stone is more practical than marble, which is more likely to chip and stain. Kitchen appliances should be of a commercial standard to be able to endure heavy use. Consumers are more likely to gravitate toward a potential home that offers turnkey perfection, fully equipped with all furniture and modern conveniences.

Transformable Spaces

One key concept when it comes to design ideas for multi-family buildings is transformable space, or flex space. It is not necessary to create separate rooms for socializing, office space, exercise, dining, and so on. In fact, a large, multi-use space is often more popular and useful. Reduce compartmentalizing residents and wasting precious square footage of your multi-family residential construction project by creating transformable areas that can be separated or opened up as needed, allowing residents to choose their level of privacy.

Retractable walls, semi-private booths, or office pods can make working, studying and meetings more comfortable. Acoustics should be considered and sound-absorbing material incorporated, allowing for loud and quiet activities to take place simultaneously. Floor material suitable for a children’s play area may also be useful for exercise classes or a meditation and prayer area. Facilities such as surround sound and built-in projector should be easily accessible to residents. The layout, furniture, and facilities should allow for diverse uses. A finished space should be able to host anything from a guest lecture to a children’s party, to a business conference.

Sustainability and Technology

Modern first-time homeowners are seeking conscious design and sustainability in multi-family residential construction. Incorporating energy-efficient technology into your design ideas for multi-family buildings will make it more appealing. Smart design and use of window glass coatings can help keep interiors warm in the winter and cool in the summer, without wasting energy. Solar panels, accessible recycling facilities and eco-friendly materials are a plus. Creating a vegetable garden in a shared green space or rooftop terrace is a great way to attract the health-conscious as well as encourage social activity and community.

Hopefully, it is clear that the sterile, anti-social apartment block design of the past will just not cut it in Denver’s current market. For developers interested in having their newly constructed residences max out their occupancy, these design ideas for multi-family buildings can make all the difference. Denver Commercial Construction can take your project from its conception right through to the completion. We have over two decades of experience in restaurants, commercial buildings and multi-family residential construction across metro Denver and Colorado Springs.