Commercial Construction and Timelines Denver Commercial Construction DenverWhen it comes to commercial construction and timelines, Denver Commercial Construction has a few pointers for our clients to ensure a smooth process. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a date and a budget and one or both not happening as stated. We work hard to ensure that our clients get the best service and result possible. With these tips, we can help make the entire construction project more successful with on-time and on-budget completion.

Early Contractor Sign-On

Because of all of the elements that go into a successful construction project, the more time available to accomplish the result, the better. So, it’s best to enlist a contractor to perform your construction work as soon as possible. This will help in all aspects of the job. There is a lot of legwork that your contractor must complete – also known as pre-construction services – in order first to break ground, giving them the most time to do so will make everyone’s life easier, including yours.

For a commercial construction project such as a full retail shopping center, the project may include site development, utilities, roads, and the whole shell and core of the project. That is a lot to manage, in addition to permits and logistics. Help your contractor stay ahead of the game with an early sign-on.

Get the Budget Straight

During the process of budgeting, there is no work getting done, so the sooner that process is completed, the faster actual construction work can begin. Because the first budget round may not be the final one, it will take time to recalculate the final budget after initial and even subsequent changes. These must be re-drafted and presented once again for finalization.

Whether you’re building a restaurant or multi-family residential unit, give yourself and your contractor as much time as possible to get it right, as construction cannot begin until it’s ready. Hence, the clock keeps ticking, but nothing is getting accomplished. Time is money as they say, especially when it comes to commercial construction and timelines!

Crystal Clear Communication

The more communication you have with your commercial construction contractor, the better. And if you cannot communicate frequently, then the clearer the messages, the better. That may be easier than said than done but communication is essential in the construction world.

As all types of scheduling will be a part of the process, including property access, materials delivery, and debris removal, the completion date is always on the horizon. Your commercial construction contractor is orchestrating a grand plan with a lot of moving parts. For this reason, the more information you can offer, the more help this will provide your construction contractor and in the end, yourself.

Dealing with commercial construction and timelines can be a real challenge, but with a few tips on the matter, your project will be successful, and you will be satisfied with the results yielded. The best place to start is right here at Denver Commercial Construction, where we have a reputation for excellence, timely builds, and on-point results. Call or contact us online today to get started.