Avoid These Common Restaurant Design MisstepsWhen renovating or creating a new dining space, Denver Commercial Construction helps clients avoid these common restaurant design missteps. When it comes to planning a restaurant, there are many factors to consider in terms of design. Ideally, your restaurant space should cater to both your clients and your staff. When planned correctly, all the practical and necessary elements of a commercial space can be implemented without taking away from its aesthetic attraction.

Often, entrepreneurs and restaurant owners like the idea of being in charge of the restaurant design, but they lack the specific skills and experience to execute the work successfully. Allowing a professional company with experience in commercial construction for restaurants will take the guesswork out of achieving the look you want. If you decide to go the independent route, just remember to avoid these common restaurant design missteps.

Underestimation of Cost

New restaurant owners very frequently have trouble accurately estimating the cost of a new build or even a restaurant renovation. A commercial space requires distinct types of electrical installation, plumbing and specific areas for the kitchen, dining area, restrooms, and entrance. Taking all of this into account, estimating the cost of materials and labor can be incredibly complex and confusing.

Once you underestimate the cost for infrastructure, the project may be at risk for running out of funds by the time it comes to completing the interior finishing and final touches. Typically, the ballpark cost of a new restaurant build will start at around $150 per square foot, something to take into consideration when selecting the size of your space. 

Occupying Too Much Space

One unwritten rule of good restaurant design is only to use the minimal amount of space necessary to achieve your goals. It is better to have the place packed with people at peak times and feeling busy, rather than always having empty tables. A smaller space when designed creatively can have much more character than a sprawling cafeteria-style space. With a building of limited size, you can make use of vertical space for storage and save money on everything from rent to energy bills. Construction of a mezzanine dining level is a good way to make use of space with high ceilings but a small footprint.

Sound and Lighting Issues

Creating an enjoyable dining experience means taking into account each of the five senses. While guests are socializing and tasting your food, you do not want to overwhelm or distract them with harsh noise and lighting. The mood of a restaurant can be set with good acoustic design and adjustable lighting for different times of the day. Building a restaurant with materials that are sound absorbent to finish and decorate your dining space will ensure it is not too noisy.

Buying Used Equipment

While it may save you some cash at the start, buying used kitchen equipment is something that you could come to regret a few months down the line. If you choose second-hand equipment, you will not have the safety net of a warranty. Once it leaves the seller, there are often no refunds, even if the machine fails on day one. For more critical machines and equipment, it’s probably not worth the risk.

Overuse of Screens

TVs only work in some styles of restaurant, mainly sports bars that serve food. Some restaurant owners think that TVs on the walls of their restaurants will keep customers there for longer, but really, they will probably just keep customers at the table longer without generating any additional income. Screens are used with ever increasing frequency in every aspect of our lives. When customers decide to eat out at your restaurant, it should be to enjoy the organic atmosphere you can create with good food, the right music, and personality, not to watch TV.

Prioritizing Kitchen over Dining Space

If you’re the chef/owner of the restaurant, you may be tempted to design and create a dream kitchen. However, building a restaurant kitchen with all the bells and whistles often takes up more space than it needs to and reduces the area reserved for dining. It’s important to remember which part of the restaurant generates the income and to maintain the right balance. Incorporating island style prep and cook stations will allow your kitchen staff 360⁰ access, making better use of space.

Open Kitchens

Allowing guests to see the kitchen activity can add drama and offer a greater connection to their dining experience. When designing an open kitchen, however, you must consider exactly what you want to show and what you want to hide. Diners love to see chefs tossing pizza dough in the air and enjoy the sounds and smells of steaks sizzling on the grill. Seeing a pile of dirty dishes covered in food remnants and hearing the clanking of cutlery being washed is not as enjoyable.

With an open kitchen design, you can limit what the diners see by creating a carefully placed window or viewpoint to showcase the exciting work and screen off the cleaning and prep area.

Hopefully, when creating your new eatery, you will be able to avoid these common restaurant design missteps. There are many more challenges when it comes to restaurant design, from getting the correct permits to underestimating the construction timeline, the list goes on and on. It may be tempting to cut some corners and try to save money by hiring a cheaper contracting team, but they do not always deliver the results you want. Taking on a restaurant construction project is a complex and time-consuming task and one that many restaurant owners end up regretting.

Hiring a company specializing in commercial construction will guarantee you a professional result with less hassle. Denver Commercial Construction has completed a wide range of projects including new restaurant construction, commercial retail stores, and multi-unit housing developments. We offer high-quality construction and will help you avoid these common restaurant design missteps. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.