At Denver Commercial Construction, we know how important it is to stay ahead of the latest fashions and this is where retail design can turn your new location into a success. Creating a retail space with 5 current trends can make all the difference in how your customers interact with your store.

The right physical design can make your customer more likely to enter your store, spend time exploring and make a purchase. Improve the appeal of your retail space with a few quick modifications.

  1. The Vintage Touch. The iconic style of the ’30s and ’40s is particularly in vogue this year. Whether your store is selling these kinds of vintage products or not, you can make some small adjustments to the decor in order to fit in with the current trend. For women’s fashion, this means full skirts, Houndstooth fabric, and 1930’s hats. For men’s fashion think tweed, leather, and pocket watches. Just a few subtle touches to your mannequins or displays can transform the era of your products. Make use of jewelry, props, and accessories such as vintage vanities or shaving kits to set the tone in your store.
  2. The Earthy Feel. Bringing some natural materials into your retail space can significantly impact the mood of your customers. Wood and stone can bring visitors back to nature with their great visual appeal and textures. This technique is particularly effective in creating a relaxing atmosphere in urban areas where people don’t have as much contact with nature.
  3. The Hang-Out Spot. Creating a retail space that’s comfortable and welcoming means that your clients will stick around for longer, hence will be more inclined to make a purchase. Some comfy seating areas, free Wi-Fi, and power outlets to charge phones will make sure your store retains customers for longer and always looks busy.
  4. The Scandinavian Simplicity. Take inspiration from the Nordic trend for slick design and functionality. Displays and furniture in your retail space should be ergonomic and unfussy. Stick to simple and consistent models with visual appeal. More retailers have been catching on to this style recently, but it is not a fad that will be going out of fashion anytime soon.
  5. The Digital Space. Many shoppers opt for making their purchases online these days. To keep your physical retail space fun and relevant, consider implementing some of the aspects of a digital store. Modern displays that incorporate screens can be one way to do this. Consider creating a hashtag for your store and encourage customers to ‘check-in’ on their social media. If you do have an online store, make sure the color scheme and overall feel of the physical and digital stores match and flow seamlessly.

Whatever the focus of your store, these 5 current trends for creating a retail space can be incredibly effective. Admittedly, some are easier to implement than others. For professional assistance in construction and interior projects, you can contact Denver Commercial Construction. We offer a wide range of professional services including construction, retail development, remodeling, and interior finishing. You can depend on us to deliver quality craftsmanship with a keen for detail.